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By the year 2025, It is estimated that over 2.2 billion women will be suffering from hormone issues all over the world.1


There is absolutely NO GOOD REASON for this to be the case...

AND... There is a very high chance that you have been MISINFORMED!



  • Low Sex Drive? 2
  • Low Self-Esteem?
  • Inflammation? 7
  • Diabetes? 10
  • Unusual Pain?
  • Obesity? 13
  • Sleep Problems? 14
  • Embarrassing Odors? 3
  • Depression? 5
  • Memory Loss? 8
  • Heart Disease? 11
  • Painful cramps and heavy periods?
  • Brain Fog? 4
  • Anxiety? 6
  • Cancer? 9
  • Isolation?
  • Headaches? 12
  • Skin Conditions? 15
  • Low Energy? 16
If you said 'yes' TO any of these conditions there is a very high chance you are already experiencing a hormonal imbalance.


What if many of the things you believe about hormone health are simply the product of a system that is grossly misinformed about what the body requires to be healthy and fit?

What if by applying some fundamental changes to the way you think about hormone health you can avoid grouping yourself into the statistic you read above?

What if you have the ability to regain control over your hormone health, never again only relying on a broken system to save the day?

What if you could reverse and totally get rid of the conditions you're facing right now, naturally and easily without dangerous medications or painful procedures?

What if you already have all the tools you’ll ever need but just need to understand how to use them?

Would you like to be able to live out your life worry-free, never again concerned about whether or not you will fall into the traps associated with not knowing how to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones?

Well, keep reading...

It’s about time that womEn understand how powerful THEY ARE.


Before we can really understand what is going on with our body and how to take care of it, we have to get a few things out of the way…



It’s not that your doctor is out to tell you lies.

That’s not it at all.

It’s very likely your doctor is doing their job to the ’T.'

They probably work long hours every day because they are truly good people dedicated to making a living helping the world be a better and healthier place.

Most of us even have medical doctors in the family.

You may even be one…

The truth is - and if you're a medical professional you probably know this already - the complex in's and out's of hormone health are still largely treated as a pharmacological mystery to the standard medical model.

This mystery is in large part due to Big Pharma's incoherent set of ideas and practices around what the human body is and how it operates.

It's not that science does not understand the role of hormones. It’s that the practices that surround our current medical model can shroud the truth of our nature in all sorts of unnatural practices often leaving us to fend for ourselves to find natural ways of nurturing our good health.

What makes things more complicated is your doctor is not allowed to professionally offer you advice that has not been passed through a head-spinning number of studies, journals, and approvals from federal regulators.

Generally, this is a good thing. We certainly don’t want to be guided down a path that can harm us. Having a ‘shoot-from-the-hip’ approach to health is not advantageous to anyone.

It's just that the institutions in charge of the vast majority of studies are either funded by, or actually are, pharmaceutical drug and chemical agriculture companies.

These are the companies that for years have been responsible for many of the laws and regulations our doctors must follow due to the heavy population of corporate interest lobbyists in the halls of government provoking our elected officials into enacting these laws.

After all, prevention is far less profitable than keeping people alive but still sick, always requiring more treatment.

Therefore, this drug and knife policy is now what the industry relies on for its monetary survival.

And because of this, the unfortunate fact is, doctors turn to drugs and knives as the professional solution for most of the challenges presented to them.

And drugs are not what they seem.


Properly prescribed drugs are responsible for an estimated 420,000 deaths each year in the US alone.17 That’s the  #4 leading cause of death behind conditions as deadly as heart disease and cancer.18

This is so staggering it's worth highlighting again...

"Properly prescribed drugs are responsible for an estimated 420,000 deaths each year!"19

This comes at an estimated cost of nearly $200 billion annually.20

It gets worse when you factor in the people that don't die but suffer the often harrowing damages of the side effects and other unwanted challenges from drugs that are not meant to be consumed by the human body.

If we then factor in all of the issues that arise, like surgery mishaps, infections, and medical errors the number increases to an estimated 1 million, such deaths per year costing nearly $470 billion annually!!21

They even have a name for this.

These challenges, complications and deaths are called 'iatrogenic events' and they are as awful The Name sounds: Confusing, Unnatural, and UNNECESSARY.

And if you think that's bad, only an astonishing 5-20% of these problems are ever even reported.22

Iatrogenic Events are the #1 cause of death in the U.S. totalling an estimated 1 million fatalities per year!23

This is a lot of people. This is a lot of struggle. This is a lot of money.

The strange thing is, you rarely see this statistic reported. It’s omitted and hidden from plain view often grouped in with the disease it was trying to treat, confusing the actual cause of death.

This is a HUGE industrial complex.

An industrial complex that needs to keep going...

Did you know that it was still standard practice until 1910 to use mercury as a treatment for syphilis? Imagine that!

The painful truth is that we are not all that far off from this practice today.

To the credit of the scientific research community - the one that is supposed to be at the root of helpful discoveries - we have been able to conquer some of the worst diseases throughout history.

We no longer have to worry about polio, the bubonic plague, most STD’s, and smallpox to name a few.

The problem is the medical-industrial complex has become too big, and it does not have the speed, or the resources, needed to be able to handle the health problems of our modern world.

Many of the health problems we face today related to processed foods, chemical agriculture, GMOs, prescription drug use, sedentary lifestyles, damaging divisive worldviews, and unfettered negative emotional patterns are simply not within the jurisdiction of pharmacology.

This industrial machine would have to change its entire worldview to be anywhere close to effective in handling these modern health-defeating monsters.

What’s worse is that unless people are stay sick a huge portion of the economy will go away almost overnight.

The standard medical model REQUIRES that we are given drugs for nearly everything.

...Drugs that, as you read above, make massive amounts of money for everyone involved.

Remember, drug companies, doctors, federal regulators, stockholders, and hospitals are paid when you get sick or hurt.

The whole chain is affected by this, starting with the highest federal agencies responsible for our health right down to the little mom-and-pop pharmacy down the street.

Even more alarming is that your doctor can lose their license to practice 'medicine' if they don’t follow this model.

It’s become so challenging to doctors that even Newsweek magazine has reported on this. They recently released an article showing how medical doctors in the US over the last few years, doctors who decided to stand up for your rights to health freedom by challenging the known problems, have had their reputations slandered and practices jeopardized due to these unfair and ridiculous regulations.24

If your doctor offers you natural solutions to your health issues and gets caught, they can be kicked out of the medical establishment altogether.

Here’s the thing...

We really do need hospitals and surgeons and doctors and drugs for certain things.

If we get in an accident, knock on wood, it is a blessing to have the latest in medical technology to tie us back together again.

This is a no brainer.

If we have an immediate medical emergency and require a fast-acting quick-fix, there’s often no better place to turn for help than drugs and hospitals.

The problem is that the deep-pocketed industrial medical establishments are huge businesses obligated to make money, and large profits.

...Businesses that have to report to shareholders and have stocks trading openly in the marketplace.

This is the definition of big business.

These are not charitable organizations or not-for-profits out to make the world a better place.

just to be clear, this is not the place to dig too deep into the apparent conflicts of interest that arise when looking at the current medical industrial complex and its established model.

If you are interested in diving into the subject on your own, you will certainly find that you and your family are being misled, and have been for a very long time insofar as what the body needs in order to be truly healthy.

Having a population of people who are fully healthy is not advantageous to this system, and thus it is not equipped with the tools to encourage the high-level health and wellness experience that is our birthright.

Relying on the medical establishment alone to get you healthy would be like a carpenter trying to build a house with just a hammer. It’s utterly ridiculous, and impossible.

There are a large number of necessary tools to get a house built, many of which do not require a hammer at all.

When it comes to general health and wellness, especially hormone health, relying only on these institutions for health advice may not be the right choice for you.

Imagine trying to use a hammer to paint your closet, for instance.

The point here is...

Like the carpenter, if you use a tool incorrectly when taking care of your health you can cause irreversible damage, and even death, not only to yourself but also to those you care about that rely on you to be at your best.


Everyone really hates that part of the story because nobody wants to believe we are at the mercy of Big Business.

It’s so easy to get angry thinking that we are all misled by greedy institutions and that the decent people who try to help have their hands tied unable to do anything about it.

Fortunately, we can get out of this mess and start getting our health back if we just pay attention to what the body ACTUALLY needs.

We just need to start seeing things clearly.

Nearly every problem we have in our body relates, in part, to a need for balancing hormones.25

Especially conditions as challenging as the many issues listed above.

And that’s a short list believe it or not.

The reality is, the list is quite extensive and would take up a whole volume if correctly documented.

Part of the journey toward conquering our health challenges once and for all is to take the personal responsibility of introducing as many NATURAL, healthy products as we can.


It is allowed to be used very loosely by the food and drug industry to make products look as if they are healthy choices.

Think about it. Biodiesel, a type of vehicle fuel, is technically ‘derived from natural sources,' but it is certainly not recommended to consume or to rub on the body.

Products like unrefined seed oils, whole food supplements, fermented foods, essential oils, plant-based butter (like Shea and cocoa), and REAL unrefined, unprocessed foods directly from the Earth, are among the only things we should ever even consider putting anywhere on, in, or near our body.

‘Natural,' in the case for health, means as close to the source as possible.



Now that we have all of that out of the way let’s get into some of the good stuff.

This life is meant to be beautiful and full of amazing experiences.

These experiences require us to be at our best to fully enjoy them or often even to participate.

With the advent of the internet, people are quickly realizing that certain lifestyle choices once thought to be acceptable are simply not.

Nothing has been off limits to global scrutiny and sharing the new information has been at the speed of the touch of a mouse click or the tap on a screen.

After all, that’s how you found this.

It is an honor to be able to share information and practices with women around the world that can help to bring balance and wisdom to the forefront once and for all.

Before we begin, though, you’ll need to hear the full disclosure...

This information is not for you if you are not willing to take your health into your own hands once and for all.

This is not some magic pill that is going to 'save the day.'

ThERE is no way to live an unhealthy life AND have balanced hormone health.

That doesn’t exist. Period.

If you are not willing to make some of your own decisions about your life, and your health, then you are not going to benefit from this.

This is a toolkit of easy-to-apply healthy practices and product suggestions that assist you in taking control of your life while empowering you to get over your health challenges.

You still have to consult medical professionals when required (note ‘professionals' is plural).

You still have to make healthy choices.

Nothing here is hard or staggering or impossible in and of itself.

There are no mountains to climb or burpees to struggle through (unless that’s your thing, these are totally amazing activities to keep healthy and challenge yourself).

Maybe you are just doing initial research and want some world-class info or practices to think about so you can apply them whenever you're ready.

If that’s the case, keep reading.

It’s much more likely that if you are reading this, you are ready.

If you’ve made it this far in your journey, then it’s likely you are preparing to take your choices to the next level.

To break through the brainwashing that has occurred to us, we have to be ready to stand up to our current way of doing things and be willing to make any necessary adjustments.

You are the one who has to live your life.

Nobody is living your life for you. Not your doctor, not your pharmacist, not Big Pharma, not your best friend or your family. Nobody.

The road to health freedom is yours to travel.

And yours, alone.

Often this is the reason why people don’t stick to their health goals.

You have to do things yourself and stick to it, even if everyone else is suggesting otherwise.

Again, you’re the one in charge here.

Just because someone else is living a life that looks like it's working for them, it is very likely that they are not telling you the whole story, or perhaps even realize they are not living up to the high standards you are.

Some people even get jealous of your success and try to derail your progress through gossip and mean-spirited conversation.

The good thing is you get to be in charge now.

Once you master the ability to live up to your best self, you can then show people an example of what it looks like to be on top of your game ready to take on any challenge.

You get to be the inspiration that other people need to make healthy choices and get out of the health rut they are experiencing.

Most of all, you're better equipped to handle the issues that arise in your body with more tools, tips and practices to help guide you along on the journey.

It’s not easy. It never is when it’s worth it.

If it were easy, everyone would be in top shape.

The thing is…

you're worth it.

Now that you are aware of the challenges we all face to our hormone health we are excited to offer you your next step in the journey.

We are pleased to announce...


HORMONE Handbook HORMONE Handbook HORMONE Handbook

So, here you go!

Here is your opportunity to get your hands on the ultimate resource of natural approaches to help you get to the root of your hormone challenges. 

In this E-book you will find...

23 natural ways to master your hormones and get to your best self.

A collection of natural hormone supporting lifestyle choices that can help you get over the hurdles to healthy living.

5 Myths and outright lies about hormones that are keeping you from experiencing your best self and the truths to set you free.

The story of an 11,000-year-old Amazonian tribe, found still alive and thriving in 2009, that taught us an incredible secret about our health.

A journey through your heart to meet your inner superhuman that you can call upon anytime you need.

Things to ask your healthcare providers to ensure you’re getting everything you need to support your health and wellness.

A little secret is revealed helping you to start getting the best sleep of your life.

Hormone Turbo-Charging Tips For More Fulfilling Relationships

And much, much more…

We sell The Hormone Handbook at retail for $39. And For everything you're getting in this edition, thats a great deal.

Compared to the massive costs that you have to put up with from the medical system this is merely the cost for parking and some lunch at the local hospital.

The problem is... 

The world is reaching a critical point in women's health right now.

In light of this, we have decided to give this book to you at the lowest possible price we can while still keeping our lights on.


"we have decided to do everything we can to get this info into the hands of every woman on the planet."

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In fact, for about the same price as a lottery ticket, you’re getting the equivalent of YEARS of study and documenting and painstaking research.

So with that said...

that’s not all you’re GETTING!

You're ALSO getting a copy of our Ebook

“Secrets For Sleeping Soundly - 28 Natural Solutions for the Best Rest Ever.”
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Proper sleep is one the most fundamental aspects of hormone health, and therefore it only makes sense that we add this to the package.

In ’Secrets For Sleeping Soundly’ you’re going to find:

The TRUE cost of not getting enough sleep (as if a shorter lifespan isn’t bad enough, many find these 3 things worse)

How the 5 sleep stages work, and why you never want to wake up in the wrong one (hint: this is exactly why you feel groggy in the morning and drag your butt the whole day).

The true cause of your ‘afternoon slump’ and what to do about it (hint: the wrong foods make the slump worse…BUT eating the right foods will not make the slump go away).

How having your bed positioned improperly in your bedroom ruins your sleep (and how to fix it quickly).

What blue light is (and why it’s so crucial to limit it in the evening and exterminate it before sleeping).

Why your room needs to be 100% pitch black (and how any light at all can quickly ruin the quality of your sleep).

The hidden disorder that may be wrecking your sleep (even if you don’t realize you have it... 10% of the population does).

Why snoring can kill you (and so-called “miracle treatments” that you need to be on the lookout for... these can do you more harm than good).

Again, you’re not paying our $19 price for this.

You're getting this for free.

AND, as if this isn't already enough to take you on an amazing journey of discovery...


We’re giving away
the whole collection!

Your health and the way you will feel when you get on track is priceless, and it is our honor to provide you with as many resources as we can to get you on the journey.

So, as a bonus…

We have two more small tokens of our appreciation, usually selling for $3 each, that support the ‘Hormone Handbook’ and '28 Secrets to Sleeping Soundly’.
3 Recipes for A Perfect Night's

First, you’ll get our book ‘3 recipes for a perfect night’s sleep - better rest through nutrition.’

Did you know that what you eat can be incredibly important for high-quality, restful sleep?

It’s true…

Some foods have the power to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and get the deep, restorative sleep that you need.

Others will prevent you from falling asleep, make your sleep fitful, and leave you feeling horrible the next day.

Some foods let you fall asleep, but not for long! They’ll wake you back up as little as 30 minutes later.

It’s helpful to have a few recipes to get you going in the right direction, so it just seems like the right move to include this here.


The second bonus is our book ‘9 Sleep-Enhancing Herbs and How to Use Them.’

Herbs are potent, indeed.

And the right ones can help you sleep more soundly and wake up feeling alert and refreshed.

Chamomile is known to help with sleep, so is valerian, so is… well, you’ll soon see.

*How do you know which herbs to take?

*How much should you take?

*And what forms can you take them in?

All of these questions are important if you want to use herbs safely to improve your sleep.

all of these Things — and more — are Provided in your FREE digital bonus guides.

So, again, you’re getting:

9 Sleep-Enhancing Herbs and How to Use Them - ebook



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Finally Feeling Sexy, Happy, and Healthy - A Handbook of 23 Natural Approaches To Supporting Your Healthy Hormones - ebook



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So here you go!

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BTW we are so convinced that you are going to love what you’re getting here that we are backing your purchase with a 60 Day money back guarantee.

100% Money Back 100% Money Back 100% Money Back

If you don’t love what you’re getting (and it’s hard to imagine why you wouldn’t) just email us and you’ll get an immediate refund.

Simple as that.


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“When I received this book from my friend at Longevity Living I didn’t know what to expect. I was told that it was about to be released to the public and to provide my honest feedback if I wanted to. After reading, I realized I had no idea that I had so much control over my hormone health! This handbook is helping me change my life. I have already seen changes in my body, and it’s only been a few weeks!!”

Daniela Emozione, 35 years old, Naples, Italy

“As a mature woman, things can start to become tough when dealing with hormones. Trust me when I say I’ve had to deal with my fair share of disruptions in my life because I was following the wrong advice. I even had a hysterectomy because I was told it was the best option for me. It’s not like I had a disease or anything, so it didn’t make any sense. When I was approached by a friend of mine at longevity Living to read the new book they were soon to be releasing I jumped at the opportunity just to see if it might be able to help me with my challenges. I’m typically a skeptical person when it comes to new info but after reading the book it became immediately obvious that I was doing many things all wrong. At least now I am taking the actions that can actually help me. I can’t undo the things I've already done, but at least I can make the changes moving forward. And let me tell ya, It’s totally worth it!”

Wanda Mondoux, 54 years old, Toronto, Canada

“I had to endure the worst nightmare of my life a few years ago. I had my breast removed because of a malignant growth that I was told was untreatable. I dealt with gut-wrenching chemo and painful radiation and I still to this day feel the pain from the scarring. I was offered an opportunity to read a pre-release of this new book from someone I know at Longevity Living in exchange for my optional but honest review. Put it this way, If I knew then what I now know from reading this book, maybe I would have never had to go through all this torture. Maybe I could have avoided the whole thing altogether. I just wish I had this book 25 years ago.”

Emily McCormack, 79 years old, Ohio, USA


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